Magnificent Europe.

Someday… Someday I will go to France . Someday I will see Venice. Someday I will experience the magic of Europe. That Someday finally came…

Europe awaited as I got off the plane in the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. My trip began in this beautiful city. Beauty cannot even begin to define the land. With lush country outskirts and posh centers, Paris is everything and more. What caught my attention was the amazing architecture of the city. The buildings were so symmetrically satisfying it gets one to wonder if the architects had OCD while planning the structures. Every building is adorned with 17th to 19th century sculptures and statues that line the tops of every building. The streets are so well planned allowing even outsiders to find their way around the city like the locals do.

Paris the city of love, true to its name. I fell in love with everything there. Even the pigeons look royal and grand with a golden tinge to their feathers. What caught my attention was not the Eiffel Tower but the Arc De Triomphe. In all its glory the huge gateway like structure depicts the stories of battles fought by Napoleon with huge statues of beautiful make coating every side. patriotism reeks from this structure. there is an enormous French flag that hangs right in between the arc, letting people know that France is a proud and fearless country.

Paris is the epitome of love. Love between people, Love between man and beast and mans love for architecture. The city has retained most of its heritage and flaunts it with pride.

My journey had begun…

(To be continued…)

  • Will-o-the-wisp

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