The treasures of Leh and Ladakh

dsc_0053The phrase ” the journey is better than the destination” applies to this wonderfully located town. Leh and Ladakh, a small town in the Jammu and Kashmir, is well known for the gignantic and breathtaking mountains that surround it. An ice cold dessert with barren mountains. Simple yet astonishing. It most certainly is heaven on earth ( some may agree that it is heaven itself ).

The cold air stings and bites, making your lips go horribly dry hence it is necessary to constantly keep yourself hydrated. There is not much snow in the town during summer time but the road from Delhi to Ladakh and back sees an amazing amount of fluffy, white , soft and beautiful snow.

While visiting the town one must not forget to check out the towns ” dragon tee-shirts”. They come in various shapes and sizes as well as colours. You can even get your name embroidered on it. The dragon (according to Ladakhis culture) is a representation of the god.

The experience of a lifetime! Leh and Ladakh.

— Naaz Ghani


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  1. Neelima Ghani says:

    Indeed! Ladakh seems like another planet!


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